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Wedding Photography



My name is Fred Fynn and I am a compassionate person who loves nature and photography...not necessarily in that order.  I studied at the New York Institute of Photography.  My heart is filled with passion and gratitude when I am in photography mode.  I love to capture the essence of love stories.  Nothing inspires me more than a strong love connection between two people. It is the greatest gift to be able to join a couple on their most significant day, to capture their joy and excitement.

  I try something new everyday.  I believe in the power of visuals.  It is a language we use to see in each others lives, one frame at a time.  I see myself s a savvy learner, always up for a challenge, while exploring and seeking out alternatives and strategies.  I take advantage of the tools available to my profession and educate myself about them in order to create unique at while maintaining the integrity of the story.

  My artistic vision is great enough to include diverse elements; the background, the secondary stories and of course, the leading cast.  My photo journalistic eye appreciates the added interest of the scene and my photo skills immortalize couples.  My goal is to be un-invasive.  I know that my role is to put people at ease with my presence.  The result is an unparalleled candor!  I am able to accomplish this through my own relaxed nature; to reveal what is beautifully genuine in the people around me.

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